Sunday, November 19th -- Sound Bath for the Great Transition

Sunday, November 19th -- Sound Bath for the Great Transition

with Jarrod Byrne Mayer & Melody Balczon


As the energies shift within the physical world they transition and transform constantly.  Like the winter season, the energies move back into the earth to come back into being once again in the spring.  The human being is no different than the cycle of the seasons.

Death is not an end but part of the cosmic process we are a part of.  To experience that which is physical can only be understood when we experience our true nature of boundlessness and infinite.  It is an experience of the self as an omnipresent being that reflects the universe at all times.

The sound will work through fears, both conscious and subconscious, to establish a more prolific view of the physical existence.  When we eliminate the fear of dying we transition it into something greater that can give our life greater purpose and meaning.

**These sound baths may include movement, light stretching, and/or dance.

Exchange: $40

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*Art by Alex Grey

Jarrod Byrne Mayer is a certified Sonotherapist and Melody Balczon is Reiki 2 certified.  They are both KRI trained Kundalini Yoga Instructors. They have been married for seven years and live in Brooklyn, NY with their two cats.