Sunday, November 18th -- Strength Through Surrender: Emotional Release Workshop

Sunday, November 18th -- Strength Through Surrender: Emotional Release Workshop

With Nicholas Tarantino

3pm - 5pm

On November 22rd the Sun makes its annual transition from Scorpio to Sagittarius. Sagittarius season is a time of perception, reflection, and expansion. We also have a lot of upcoming time with our families, which can be good and bad.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to release emotional weight and set intentions for the upcoming season.

Strength Through Surrender is designed for anyone who wishes to nurture their emotional wellbeing. We will be meditating into our emotional bodies, journaling to our inner emotional wounds, and sharing that experience to a community of witnesses who have knowledge of the same journey.

Come to this workshop with courage; be prepared to be vulnerable and show up for others with acceptance and awe. Please bring a journal and a totem that you would like to place at our altar for this ceremony.


Exchange: $40


Nicholas Tarantino is a warrior that will teach you to fight, scratch and claw, for what he sees as the most important value on this planet: Your Self Worth. He is a healer who has stepped into his power through years of shadow exploration. Previously a banker and follower of all the societal set expectations, Nick is a survivor of a trauma laden early life. His purpose changed on June 4th, 2014 when he put down several addictions, his own victim story, and decided to use his charisma and strength to change the world. Nick’s workshops focus on courageously confronting our self-created prisons, softening into Real Self Love, and stepping into your power as a leader of SELF and your tribe. At a crucial time in our collective, Nick is a pioneer bringing masculinity back to healing, embracing softening, and embodying a true warrior. His superpower lies in his ability to maintain one foot in the shadow of lost hope, and another in the light to build a bridge to awakening for others. He stands for a conscious heart-centered community. Nicholas does 1 on 1 work in a very committed, and in-depth transformative structure. He believes it requires incredible courage and commitment to truly own ones Highest Self in this life.