Sunday, May 7th -- Crystals 101


with Luke Simon

Sparkly, ancient and enchanting, welcome to the world of Crystals!
Crystals have been recognized throughout history as objects of magic and power. They are treasures of the Earth that help connect us to our own intuitive, vibrational nature. Crystals are beautiful to have around, and contain their own “medicine”. Once you learn the ropes of how to tap into it, you can discover your own ways of using these organic, spiritual tools.
In this introductory class we will cover the fundamentals of crystals: selection, cleansing, programming, and application.

We will practice how to feel crystal energy, how to select and place crystals for self-healing, and make a healing crystal grid arrangement. You will leave with knowledge, handouts and notes to guide your crystal adventures, as well as a crystal-energized state of mind!

We will cover:
How Crystals Heal
How to Select Crystals
Cleansing and Programming your Intentions
How to place crystals for healing
Meditating with Crystals
Placing crystals and creating grids to clear and energize physical spaces

*Photograph: Luke Simon​

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Luke Simon is a founding member of Maha Rose and is passionate about sharing healing work to open the heart, reclaim wholeness and enjoy every moment. He offers private sessions, leads group retreats and has created a pop-up spiritual night club called The Softer Image. He shares the tools of healing he’s found helpful to assist others on their personal journey.