Sunday, May 17th -- The Healing Ring of Tantra New Moon Ritual


with Jarrod & Melody

Join us for an evening of healing in a sequence designed Kundalini Master Yogi Bhajan. We will bless ourselves in this sacred meditation he named “the Healing Ring of Tantra”.  This special mediation can be only be done on the new moon, full moon, or the 11th day after the new moon.  As a group we will sit in a circle holding hands, and chant as a group.  We chant with the intention of healing, and send it into the universe.  Following the meditation we will immerse ourselves in a gong bath to once again amplify out these healing energies.

Please bring crystals, letters of intention, pictures of loved ones, or anything and anyone who needs healing.  We will be creating a vortex of healing energy we can send beyond space and time.

$25 pre-register | $30 day-of

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Jarrod Byrne Mayer and Melody Balczon are both certified Kundalini Yoga Instructors. Melody is level 2 Reiki certified healer. Jarrod is a musician and Melody is an actress. They have been married for seven years and live in Brooklyn, NY with their two cats.