Maha Rose Center for Healing ~ Brooklyn, NYC
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Sunday, May 24th -- Dance & Rituals

Sunday, May 24th -- Dance & Rituals


with Coco Dolle

This class emanates from her personal practice enhancing a mind-body-spirit balance, exploring the divine within through natural movement, vocals  and ancient ritualistic dances.
Based on the teachings of Isadora Duncan, Coco designed this class format embracing a variety of techniques that she has been learning and was exposed to throughout her life, from classical ballet to tai-chi, yoga or simple meditation techniques. Here she will help you explore your own vital energy core, permeating an inner sense of peace and confidence.

Coco Dolle is a professional performance artist, evolving within the circles of galleries, art fairs and sacred goddesses conversations. She received a classical training in ballet, contemporary jazz and african dance. An active dancer for more than 30 years, Coco has exhibited and performed her work widely from Europe to Miami Art Basel and New York art galleries. She has been featured in numerous press articles such as in Artforum, The NY Observer and The Wild Magazine.