Sunday, March 31st- Ancestral Clearing with the Akashic Records

with Christina Cross


Prerequisite: This is an advanced class for those already working with the Pathway Prayer Process© to access the Akashic Records.

Are you ready to understand how your relatives and ancestors are perfect for your soul’s growth and consciousness development?

Are there limiting inherited patterns of behaving or thinking that you are ready to clear once and for all?

Spend an afternoon in the Akashic Records learning how to heal limiting ancestral patterns and how to draw from the positive qualities and strengths of your ancestral line. Participants will also spend time in the Zone of Choice to help you recall what your intentions were for you and your soul group in this, your current incarnation. Grow in your understanding as to your soul’s true intentions and ENJOY this sacred life even more!

Exchange: $50

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E 

In February 1998, Christina answered the calling and attended the “Akashic Records Beginning Class” workshop and experienced a sense of acceptance and appreciation for herself and others unlike anything she had ever encountered. Christina “got it” that if everyone on this planet would take time to experience their own magnificence we would truly live in a peaceful world. There would be no competition or need to be better than or less than, that all of humanity could and would live in harmony and appreciation of the fact that each and every one of us is a unique and perfect expression of the Divine. This incredible experience resonated deep into her being and transformed the course of her life.

After a 13-year career in childcare (work that she loved) she began to give readings on a full time basis. In 1999 Christina began assisting her teacher, Linda Howe, in Akashic Record courses and then moved into the position of Assistant Director of Linda’s School of Akashic Studies until 2006. During her time as Assistant Director and after serving as mentor to new students Christina's desire to teach was born and in 2003 she became a certified teacher of the Pathway Prayer Process (and later Advanced Certified Teacher) offering “certification courses” through early 2017.

To date, Christina remains in awe of the loving energy and information that effortlessly pours forth from the Akashic Records and enjoys continued opportunities to share that experience with others via workshops, consultations and mentoring sessions. Throughout the years, Christina has worked with thousands of students and clients from around the world and cannot imagine life without this wonderful spiritual resource.