Sunday, March 20th --  Intention Charting for True Financial Freedom

Sunday, March 20th -- Intention Charting for True Financial Freedom


with Greg Kogan & Carolyn Agis


Everything we do in life, in the essence of it, is done to achieve a certain feeling. Imagine figuring out your favorite feelings in different parts of your life and then setting out to get to those feelings states.

Inspired by the Financial Freedom course, this course can be taken on its own or as a follow up to the 4 week course and is a condensed experiential one day intensive to look at your status and re-align yourself on a spiritual level to Financial Freedom.

In this workshop we will go through different parts of our life like career, creative expression, physical well-being and personal growth and assess how is it that we want to feel in these parts of life (i.e connected to the whole, radiating, flowing, full of life-force or appreciation). We will connect to “peak moments” that you have had previously that made you feel this way and then make plans to feel this way in the future.

Realizing what causes us to get into peak moments will create awareness and insight into what our soul desires and the many different avenues to get there. There are so many possibilities.

In this workshop you will discover and connect to your true soul desires. Explore your relationship to your desires and have a safe space to express how you feel or resist these desires, to clear the way to smooth manifestation. Become aware of parts of you or your life that are not aligned with your true desire, and create new insight to come back into alignment. You will create a personal sacred ceremony and practice to realign with your true desires.

Areas of life that we will cover:

  • Career, income, home, and travel.
  • Relationships, collaborations, community involvement, and service.
  • Physical and emotional well-being, self-care, personal development and growth.
  • Creativity, expression, writing, and spreading the message.


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Greg Kogan shares healing work that creates freedom, love and alignment with purpose in life. Greg is passionate about sharing spiritual practices that lead to dramatic transformation and improvement in life and consciousness. Greg shares healing work through workshops, writing, and one-on-one sessions. Greg's focus is on helping to create a consciousness of abundance and elevating one's self-worth. Greg's main program is focused on creating a new consciousness around money that creates order and peace in this area of life and expands to other areas of one's life.