<Sunday, March 1st 2020> Sunday Soundbath

Sunday Soundbath

with Brendan Principato 
Sunday, March 1st

Exchange: $40

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Join us for a relaxing Sunday Soundbath with ambient musician Brendan Principato. Your worries will melt away on this soothing auditory adventure, allowing you to take a break from the stress and stimulation of modern living. This Soundbath will help guide you into a more present, meditative state, creating a unique opportunity for healing through self-reflection.

Expect calming frequencies and immersive atmospheres. Instruments used will include chimes, Tibetan bowls, bells, synthesizers, autoharp, kalimba, loopers, and ambient field recordings.

Cited benefits of soundbaths include stress and anxiety alleviation, decreased blood pressure, increased parasympathetic nervous system function (digestion, metabolism), a distinct sensation of feeling grounded, emotional balance, heightened energy levels, and improved sleep.

Brendan Principato is a Philadelphia based ambient musician focused on textural soundscape creation and soundbath performance. Combining acoustic and electronic instrumentation, he seeks to create organic and soothing sound environments. He has held public and private music events for the last five years in over 10 different states. He partners with a wide variety of healing practitioners including meditation experts, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, reiki healers, and other musicians. Say hello to him or inquire about private events/collaborations at brendan.s.principato[at]gmail.com