Sunday, June 23rd -- Soul * Solstice

with Andrija Dandridge


Ready to welcome in the summer? Time to let go of old weathered things and celebrate your future self on this remarkable seasonal event, the Summer Solstice.

Journey with me as we explore the depths of our physical, emotional, and spiritual freedom. Embrace your fiery badass self, soak up the energy of the extended sun light and let it fuel your very being.

Let me guide you through a meditation flow designed to connect with the sun, and supported by the healing energy of Reiki. Set your intentions and goals for the months ahead and pull tarot cards for manifestation and visualization.

* Be sure to wear comfortable clothes, and bring a journal.

*You are also welcome to bring crystals or anything special to you to cleanse, charge or energize at the altar.

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

With her sun and rising planets in Venus, Andrija is lovingly known as The Venusian Oracle. She’s uses her intuitive savvy flow, combined with years of experience and training, to integrate Tarot, Chakras, Crystals and Reiki to help people find tools to navigate through their own healing journey. As a certified Yoga instructor and Thai Bodywork practitioner, she also taps into the movement of the body and uses a deeply spiritual touch to push the mind, body and spirit to a higher level of consciousness. In this life, Andrija’s mission is to connect as many people as she can to their soul’s purpose.