Sunday, June 1st -- Love + Serve: Sound Bath & Meditation

7pm - 9pm

With Katie Down (MT-BC, LCAT) of Mindful Music Psychotherapy and Ralph De La Rosa (LMSW)

Celebrating Life + the Struggle for Social Justice

In summertime we come alive, we get electric. June also marks the anniversary of the victory of the women's suffrage movement as well as the Tienanmen Square Riots. In honor of both the vibrancy of the season as well as the eternal human drive towards justice and peace, we gather to bask in healing sound vibration + awakening guided meditations.

The power and recuperative qualities of large resonant crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls and gongs, Biosonic tuning forks, & voice, relieves stress, releases energy, and enhances the senses. Listening is an act of compassion.

A portion of proceeds will be donated to Amma's charities

Katie Down is a board certified, licensed music psychotherapist with a private practice in Brooklyn and Manhattan. She incorporates improvisation, sound healing, mindfulness meditation, and talk therapy to provide clients with an opportunity to express and release emotions through a creative and holistic approach to well-being.

Ralph De La Rosa is a rogue Buddhist, meditation provocateur, and rookie psychotherapist. He began exploring meditation in Eastern traditions in 1996, and has led workshops on wakeful living since 2008. He is known for emphasizing the spiritual path within the context of worldly life, and the deep transformation that comes from embracing ordinary, messy humanness.