Sunday, June 11th — Conscious Consumption : Eating Practices for Soul Nourishment & Body Healing


with Jaquy Yngvason

A Daily Eating Practice For Nourishing Your Soul and Healing Your Body

Do you struggle to feel confident in your own skin? Are constantly dieting and want to ditch those extra pounds? In attending this eatshop you will walk away with tangible tools so you can feel empowered and gain a new perspective on how to self heal through food. You will learn how to create a sacred practice on how to consume consciously, allowing you to eat every meal with joy, love and presence. Are you ready to eat the food you love without fear, feel radiant in your body and confident in your own skin?

This class is perfect for anyone who may:

- Dread the word healthy

- Struggle with knowing what to eat and how and when to eat

- Hate having to fulfill their New Year Resolution

- Want to know how to tune into their personal intuition

- Want to create a sacred ritual of eating for self care

- Want to lose weight without deprivation, dieting or diet pills

- Understand nourishment on a mind, body and soul level

Through this incredible journey you will be reminded of your primal gifts to be able to tune in to your bodies true needs and abilities to self heal from emotional distress, mindless and stress eating, damage done from autoimmune disease and what having this presence in nourishment will do to positively impact all other areas of your life. How you eat one thing is how you consume all things; relationships, job, your self image, its all tied together and this eatshop will help you find harmony and balance in your body and mind.

Please bring:

-  A journal

- Open mind + heart

-  A sacred object that holds meaning to you

- One food that you love but feel guilty eating


$35 Pre-Register | $40 Day of

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Jaquy Yngvason is a half Iceland, half Ecuadorean, Energy Healer and Holistic Wellness coach with Shamanic ties deeply rooted in her bloodline. She works with clients all around the world and specializes in a unique eating practice that transforms the mind, spirit, and body so that it can heal itself from trauma, pain and suffering. Currently she resides in Brooklyn and coaches clients to be conscious consumers, taking a whole being approach to helping others reach their highest potential to shine their brightest and connect to their spirit guides. She is on a mission to change the world, one conscious bite at a time.