Sunday, July 26th -- The Rainbow Connection::: Yoga & Breathwork

Sunday, July 26th -- The Rainbow Connection::: Yoga & Breathwork


with Luke Simon

Awaken your body & spirit with this special blend of Yoga & Breathwork. You will release tightness & energetic blocks and leave radiant for the week ahead. Wear clothes you can move in.

About Breathwork:

The world is made of energy, and energy is carried on the breath. When we increase the flow of life force through our body, it washes out old energy and gradually expands our capacity to flow energy through us.

This breath meditation is a steady, rhythmic process which takes you from the thinking mind into the belly and the heart, to the deeper wisdom of the body. It can also ignite emotions that are stored below the surface, allowing us a cathartic release.

When stale emotional energy gets released, the physical and subtle body gets cleared, rejuvenated and balanced. This not only leads to increased health but also opens the doorway to opening your intuition to spiritual insights from within.

 Come ready to breath until you're surprised.

Luke will hold space for you to go deep inside in this active meditation. He will also use essential oils, reiki and intuitive body work to help shift your energy. A cosmic & evocative soundtrack will guide your inner journey.

*Give yourself at least an hour to digest food before the session. Don't combine this session with other substances before/after the breathing.

$25 pre-register / $30 day of

Luke Simon Originally from New Mexico, Luke is a founding member of Maha Rose and is passionate about sharing healing work to make life as awesome and cosmic as it can be. Read more on his page here