Sunday, July 23rd -- Magic with Botanical Dyes: A Natural Dyeing Workshop

with Christi Johnson


Revive your creative energies this new moon through experiencing the magic of plant derived colors for fabric!

The natural world provides a multitude of colors for dyeing fibers, able to be extracted with the simple processes shared in this workshop. Using natural dyes is a wonderful way to connect to plant life and find union with the natural world, from the joy of harvesting and foraging out in green spaces to the alchemical process of turning your kitchen scraps into vibrant colors.

In this workshop, you will learn all about the processes and preparations for a variety of natural dyes, gaining insights into how to create long lasting, vibrant colors without the use of toxic chemicals, and you will play with these techniques and a spectrum of botanical colorants on silk samples provided, then try out your favorites on your own silk scarf (also provided). The magical properties of some of the plants will be highlighted, and suggestions for infusing these fabrics with your intentions will be shared.

We will cover choosing the best fabrics, mordanting the fabric to prepare for dye, safety, modifying colors to achieve brighter or darker shades, tying and shibori methods for creating patterns on fabric, where to get dyes - from foraging in the woods to the supermarket, and tips for caring for your naturally dyed goods.

Exchange: $80

Christi Johnson is an artist and designer working with traditional methods of textile arts, with a focus on plant derived colorants and their possibilities. Her work unites the transforming and evolving qualities of natural materials with precise and consistent mathematical forms, embracing the dynamics between these contrasting elements. She lives and works in the Catskills, NY as creator of Mixed Color, a collection of naturally dyed fabrics for your body and home.