Sunday, July 23rd -- Divine Feminine Meditation

with Lucy North


Ready to wake up to the cosmic goddess that you are?

Are you ready to have meditation change your life?

This meditation workshop is for anyone that wants to nurture and celebrate their access to The Divine Feminine, no matter what gender(s) they identify themselves as being in this lifetime.

For beginners and experienced mediators alike, join us as we take a tantric journey through the cosmic universe, via the sacred vessels, which we refer to as “the body” and “the heart”. With coaching and guidance, learn how you can transform unhelpful thought patterns into cosmic gateways, via two meditation sits accompanied by short talks and participation.

You will leave this workshop with a toolkit in how to transcend the stories of the thinking mind, and reconnect with our collective emotions, and your very own mastery. Getting into the wisdom of the body, we will also collaborate with nature, metta and loving kindness, and the thrilling mystery of the universe.

It’s time, cosmic queens, to take your power back! Love and feel openly loved by the body, by the breath and by the universe. A very special time in the sacred calendar of The Divine feminine, as are all times, the weekend of this workshop is also the annual celebration of St Mary Magdalene. In the spirit of the Aquarian Age, we will blend the global feminine divinities known to us in this realm, so to enlighten and reconnect with that which we truly all are: the limitless heart.

Grounding to Mother Earth, and beyond, this workshop is a cosmic opportunity for you to give space to yourself as a healer, as light, as goddess. And as love itself.


Exchange: $40

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** workshop photo of Heidi Lamarr from 1941 by Clarence Sinclair Bull
Lucy North is a meditation teacher and Reiki healer. Currently recording her first album, she is also a singer/ songwriter, poet and lover of nature. Based between London and Brooklyn, Lucy has previously been a lecturer at Parsons School of design and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London - and she recently appeared in W Magazine’s video for International Women’s Day. Having trained in meditation and mindfulness with Zen Teacher Cheri Huber and in The Work with Byron Katie, she is committed to the beautiful knowing of ourselves as consciousness having a human experience - rather than “humans with a spiritual practice”.  Her intention is to help others be in connection with the beauty of an open heart, and to tenderly connect with the blocks that provide the gateway to cosmic connectivity.