Sunday, July 16th -- Somatics: Developmental Reflexes : Grace & Childlike Innocence


with Timothy Sadanand, Visiting Practitioner from India

What makes the movements of children and babies easy, free, natural and spontaneous?  What have we lost by growing up?  

Reawaken your reflexes, poise and innate coordination through simple developmental movements that all healthy infants explore. Rediscover the joy and mystery of moving your eyes, head, and limbs for the very first time, like a newborn in the cradle.  Grow up towards simple and complex infantile movements: crawling, rolling, babbling and eventually walking.

Discover the present moment like a child to reset the nervous system and quiet the mind.  Become easy, free and natural through simple reflexive exercises you can do at home anytime to coordinate the system, ease pain and tension, and regain poise. Integrate the postural muscles of the spine.  Coordinate the eyes, head, neck, and limbs into one fluid mechanism. Become reborn.

The body has an innate natural intelligence.  Learn to awaken this dormant poise.

Somatics is the mind/body field within bodywork and movement studies which uses quiet awarenessconscious thought and gentle touch to convey an easier way of being.  It relieves pain, tension and stress, harmonizes breath and coordination, and balances feelings and emotions. By increasing awareness of our every level (physical, mental and spiritual) we can more deeply connect to our true self.  Somatics includes methods such as the Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais.

Due to its gentle, natural approach, Somatics is highly effective in alleviating chronic pain conditions of the spine, neck, and joints, tendonitis, repetitive strain injuries, trauma and emotional blockages.  It is sought by professional artists like musicians, dancers, athletes and actors to fine-tune their expressive potential.  Somatics seeks to restore the grace seen in nature, children, and ancient cultures. 

Somatics is experience based and facilitates a new, lighter state of being to experience directly. Hands-on demonstrations will give you an easier way of being and reset your nervous system.

In this Somatics class, learn Developmental Reflexive movements to release tension and pain while laying, sitting, and moving with awareness

Activities include:
- Infantile Movements
- Reflex Development
- Movement with awareness
- Constructive rest
- Experiential anatomy
- Coordination of the head-neck-spine
- Inquiry, affirmation, and visualization

Float away with easy procedures to practice at home and on the move anytime, anyplace, improving your pain, tension, and coordination.

Dress in comfortable street/yoga clothes.  There are no medical contraindications due to its gentleness.

Exchange: $54

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Timothy Sadanand will also be offering Intuitive Bodywork and Private Somatic Healing sessions May July 13th-18th.

Timothy Sadanand Fillion, CMT offers fourteen years of experience in bodywork and somatic therapy around the world.  His specialty in chronic pain relief and subtle healing has brought him to New York City, Los Angeles, Detroit, San Francisco and India.  He currently lives in India.  As a teenager, Timothy suffered from severe chronic pain.  This began a personal study and recovery through bodywork, healing and meditation.  He now shares these very techniques in a nurturing, intuitive way



"I am always in pain, everywhere, all over my body, and I never feel this much relief.  And now I am going to float out of here... thank you, thank you...I  will definitely see you again." - K D, Sales and Marketing Director, NY, NY

"Tim ... I feel amazing.  Thank you for... showing how the body can expand and open into new peaks of ... naturalness.  Everything feels easy now ... moving, breathing, loving, laughing.  My creativity is sparked, and I feel much more connected... Your approach was not only eye-opening, but a great inspiration to begin learning how to use the self and understand our true potential."  -J.R., Violinist, Detroit, MI.....

"I feel hopeful.  For the first time in a month I didn't have a migraine tonight. Relief from pain and a change in direction ...progress... is so inspiring.  I feel like it's possible now to get better.  Thank you."  - Artist, Brooklyn, NYC