Sunday, January 29th -- Cultivating Deep Connection: with Ourselves, Eachother, & the Earth

with Olivia Clementine 


The path of liberation is a path of deep fulfillment and love.  Liberation meaning that we are no longer the servant to our thought patterns, to hoping and fearing.  We have a natural arising of joy and unconditional love.  As we walk the path of liberation we feel a thread of peace within that is unwavering.  The path of liberation allows us to feel gratitude for our entire life.  All of it!     In this workshop to support our liberation we will focus on the Self, and how we relate to Eachother and to our Earth. 

Plant Medicine | Tea Ceremony

Our earth world gives to us never asking for anything in return.  She is abundant, resilient, complex, and loving.  If we take the time to understand her gifts, she will call out to us and help us along our path. She will become our closest ally in all times of our life.   During this workshop we will engage in Tea Ceremony.  You will learn about particular herbs that can you support you this time of year.  This will be an opportunity to get to know these plants and their medicine. The information will be offered in a way that you can readily add these herbs to your medicine cabinet and to you daily self-care routine. 


Meditation is a tool that allows us to meet our deeper Self, which is where ease and expansive love reside. The more we meditate, the easier it is to naturally live from this sweet place. It is a simple practice that simply needs attention to welcome it’s bountiful blessings.  There will be guided meditation to meet you on your path, beginning and seasoned practitioners.  You will leave the session with a specific contemplation and practice that you can bring home.   

Relational Work

We come into this world wanting to be in connection and yet most of us do not grow up learning the skills to connect, to be the listeners and sharers that we would like to be.   During the workshop we will do relational exercises to awaken communication and presence that bring more understanding and connection.  Skills that allow revelation and newness to be born and meaningful relationships to arise.  These exercises support interactions with anyone in your life: friends, lovers, family, co-workers, children.


There will be time throughout this Session to ask questions and to make the workshop personal to you. 

Who is this for?
For everyone who 
  • desires more from life and wants a path to it 
  • needs more peace and less stress!
  • needs help creating awakened habits
  • is interested in herbal medicine 
  • is interested in meditation and wants to learn or deepen one’s daily practice
  • wants more fulfilling connection with others
  • wants to refine communication and presence skills
  • wants to reconnect or connect even more with Mother Earth
  • who wants freedom and a community to support you in love 
  • feels called and doesn’t know why!  Follow your heart! 

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Olivia Clementine offers guidance on well-being through handmade herbal blends, consultation, workshops and retreats.  With a decade of farming experience and six year of formal herbal and holistic health education, her work is rooted in a commitment to nature.  As a devoted Buddhist practitioner, she seeks liberation from the cyclical ride of the human experience. She meets you wherever you are and wishes to support your path of liberation and supreme wellbeing.

i: olivia_clementine