<Sunday, January 26th 2020> Trust 2020: Breathwork Day Rereat

Trust 2020: Breathwork Day Rereat

with Luke Simon
Sunday, January 26th 

Exchange: $120

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Join Luke for a day of group healing and energy work practices to open your heart and TRUST your beautiful life.

We will go inside to heal through breathwork, guided meditation and journaling. The day will help you claim your inner wisdom and release old patterns of struggle.

Could you let your life be easier?
Could you trust your self and the flow of your life more?
Are you ready to have more fun?!

This day will super charge you and your intentions with high vibration healing energy to step into a beautiful new year. And, you can use the healing exercises we will do in your own personal self-care practice.

Guided meditation
Group check in
Lunch break: 12:30-1:30 (bring a lunch or grab something from the many options nearby)
Afternoon and grounding herb tonics made by Luke
Grounding your energy
Aura cleansing meditation
Connecting to the wisdom of your higher self
Intention setting

We will be working with your intuition, breath and energy. You will leave more yourself, ready to trust, and have more fun!

Suitable for all levels. Don’t worry about how you come, you will leave in a different place from the healing work.

Please bring a journal and pen.


Luke Simon uses intuition and his empathic heart to liberate people from old patterns, remember their purpose and reclaim their joy. Using Reiki, Breathwork and Tarot cards, Luke creates a sacred space for a direct experience of the mystical layer we all can access for wisdom, peace and healing. You will leave in a different place then you arrived, and we usually laugh a little along the way.

Luke Simon co-founded Maha Rose Center for Healing in Brooklyn and his healing work has been written about in The New York Times and Vanity Fair.com. He is currently writing a book about his path and healing. Luke is available for private sessions at Maha Rose in Brooklyn and via Skype. Visit his website lukesimonmystic.com