<Sunday, February 9th> Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: A Survival Guide

Mercury Retrograde in Pisces: A Survival Guide

with Malorine Mathurin
Sunday, February 9th

Exchange: $40


When one hears of Mercury Retrograde it can often cause fear, anxiety or confusion. Mercury Retrograde strikes fear and uncertainty in most people. Some think it is a time when technology goes awry – envisioning thoughts of an electronic revolution pitting humans against machine. But in reality, Retrogrades are a period of deep thought, meditation, contemplation and evaluation.

This is a prime time to take a break, tap into creative projects and do some inner exploration. Mercury will go retrograde in Pisces from February 16th to March 15th.

This will be a time of slowing down and reflective introspection for the collective. Pisces wants us to tap into our dreams – release unrequited loves and ideas that are no longer working and assess where we are in our creative and spiritual lives. Join us in this workshop where we will discover healthy, creative ways to tap into the joy of this retrograde, such as: a brief journeying meditation, journal prompts, art collage, vision board creation for the next cycle, tarot and oracle card pulls, astrology chats and a few other relaxing projects.

The Retrograde is a restful, peaceful time that we can survive together.

Malorine Mathurin is a Hellenistic and Intuitive Astrologer who uses Clair sentience, Clair audience and Clairvoyance in her Tarot, Numerology and Divination readings to help her clients. For more than 20 years, Malorine has studied various forms of Astrology and has a strong passion for helping and nurturing people while they work through karma from previous lives. Malorine’s primary objective is to discharge the karmic issues that are blocking your mental, emotional, spiritual and psychological happiness. In every session and encounter, she aims to offer the client clarity, calm, kindness and understanding in addition to a proactive plan to get to the root of the trauma (s) and develop our dharma (life purpose). She teaches Astrology, New/ Full Moon and Divination workshops across New York. Malorine holds certifications in Reiki level 2, is an IET (Integrated Energy Therapy) Master, Akashic Records channeller (trained through Cristina Cross at Maha Rose) and focuses on past life work within all of her sessions, workshops and classes.