Sunday, February 2nd - Forgotten Treasure: Astrology & Flower Essence Workshop

3:00 -- 5:00pm

Do you have a hold on life, or does life have a hold on you? Discover the psychological and spiritual influences that will help you release your potential and take control!

Astrologer Samuel F. Reynolds and Acupuncturist Lindsay Fauntleroy will unveil six paths to unlock the recesses of your past - including past lives, ancestral legacy, and  personal history.

These 6 paths reflect the 6 axes of the Moon’s nodes so you can work with specific issues of your past. To create a new future, we’ll explore how the wisdom of particular flowers and plants can transform what’s holding you back.

Whether you’re stuck in a rut or ready to take your life to the next level, you’re guaranteed to leave this workshop with a toolkit to manifest your goals!

Space is Limited!
Early Birds- $35 before January 27th
$40 after the 27th