Sunday, February 23rd -- Breathwork with Lisa Levine with Live Music by Quinn Luke


Transformational Breathwork is a powerful tool to help us get out of our heads and in touch with our Spirits. Through this active meditation we are able to let go, if even just a little bit… The mind relaxes and we are able to tap into and explore the many other levels of our being. We are able to viscerally feel where our blocks lie and through the breath, actively move through them, getting to the deeper, clearer parts of our being, connecting to ourselves and our spirits. It is a dynamic and wild ride. Live guitar music and song will help participants to go even deeper and connect with their hearts, their creative expression and their Spirits.

No experience necessary. All are welcome.

Quinn Luke, also known as Bing Ji Ling, is a New York City based producer-musician. Luke has released four full-length albums as a solo artist, as well as numerous singles, collaborations and remixes. He is also a former member of Phenomenal Handclap Band, a constant member of legendary skater-cum-musician Tommy Guerrero's group, and a collaborator in various other projects such as Paqua, Q&A, and Coppa.