Sunday, February 19th -- Sound Bath for Boundary Dissolution

Sunday, February 19th -- Sound Bath for Boundary Dissolution

with Jarrod Byrne Mayer & Melody Balczon


The physical body is one of the ten bodies all humans are a part of. All ailments, disease, and traumas affect the subtle bodies unto which we are a part of. All disease has an underlying energetic deficiency or excess. This is the higher vibration of the ailment which will eventually take root within the low, vibratory physical being.

When we shift our consciousness from the physical into the etheric we can use the conscious mind to sift through our subconscious blocks. We become the witness to the trauma rather than the victim. All borders and forms of identification are the basis of all suffering.

This sound bath will work eliminate the physical body from the conscious mind and thus deconstructing relationships with patterns that hold us back from experiencing our self in a state of love and grace. We will allow the physical body to dematerialize and thus come in greater connection with our higher being.

**These sound baths may include movement, light stretching, and/or dance.

***Sound Baths do sell out!   Plan to arrive before 7pm, as wait list spots will start to be given from pre-registered no shows. If you are running late please call the front desk. Feel free to bring an eye pillow if you like.

$40 pre-register | $45 day-of

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Jarrod Byrne Mayer is a certified Sonotherapist and Melody Balczon is Reiki 2 certified.  They are both KRI trained Kundalini Yoga Instructors. Jarrod and Melody bring a practical application of these technologies so it can be fully integrated within your daily life.  They have been married for eight years and currently reside in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with their two cats.  Together they launched Brooklyn Healing Arts specializing in modern-archaic healing modalities.  They like hugs, ice cream, and good times.