Sunday, August 4th -- The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis: Intro Training

Sunday, August 4th -- The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis: Intro Training

with Shauna Cummins


Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis 3 hour Intro Course:
The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis intro training is an introduction of the
history, myths, science and ethical issues related to the practice of hypnosis. It offers a unique perspective of Hypnosis as both an ancient healing modality and a progressive practical tool for personal development and change.

Students will learn the basic way to induce hypnosis and how to utilize trance to make fast and generative changes in themselves and their clients. Through a blend of Ericksonian, Integrative and classical hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Psychology and Practical Neuroscience, students will gain an updated yet thorough experience of learning hypnosis. There is a strong focus on teaching clients to ‘update their operating system’ or stuck/ habituated patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior by using their imagination as a healing tool to create new pathways of association changing early conditioning and creating a more collaborative relationship with their mind, body and spirit.

General Syllabus for Intro Course

Topics Covered: History and Myths of Hypnosis, Laws of Suggestion, Suggestibility Testing, The Art of the Hypnotic Induction, Pre-talk, Dynamics of Trance, Narrative Medicine-Eriksonian, Integrative Hypnosis-John Overdurf and Melissa Tiers, Structuring a Session, Self-Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Neuroplasticity and Embodied Cognition, The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis Thought- Non-Linear Language Patterning (rhizomatic change model.)

Exchange: $75

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

*workshop cover art by Caris Reid*

Shauna Cummins is a NYC based Clinical Hypnosis Practitioner and Trainer. She received board certification through the National Guild of Hypnotists and has held a private practice at The Center for Integrative Hypnosis NYC since 2012. She is the founder and director of The Divine Feminine School of Hypnosis Certification Program which reframes and updates the history of hypnosis through a feminist lens and is informed by the healing philosophy and lineage of the divine feminine. Her formal education is in literature, creative writing and social work from The University of Iowa and Queens University, Belfast. She came to self-hypnosis as a child, intuitively utilizing it to heal and help overcome severe allergies and auto-immune issues. It is her life's passion to share this work and empower her clients to better collaborate with their best selves, understanding hypnosis as a natural ability and a practice- the medicine of the imagination . Her work has been featured in The Independent, YAHOO News, Elite Daily, NYLON Magazine, Refinery29,, The National Gallery of Denmark, The Center for Contemporary Art Glasgow, Queens Musuem of NYC, JETBLUE airlines among others.