Sunday, August 18th -- Conscious Fighting with Spar Cards

Sunday, August 18th -- Conscious Fighting with Spar Cards

with Leah Siegel


At an impasse in your relationship? Have something important you need to share with someone but don't feel safe broaching the subject? Are you avoiding, hiding, or isolating due to your communication patterns? Do you go to therapy yet continue to trigger each other and fight?

Spar Cards is a unique healing method of conscious fighting that transforms your relationship. A terrific companion to your standard couples' therapy, or if blocked from therapy due to expense or stigma, the Spar Cards method brings clarity, healing, and a deeper trust into your coupledom. Learn how to "trigger train" your partner, break your detrimental fight cycles, create a safe container for difficult conversations, move into healthful and conscious patterns of loving co-communication. Through the portal of your relationships, the deepest healing becomes possible. Partner healing is the rocket booster to your self-healing. This workshop is open to couples and singles.

Exchange: $150

S I G N   U P   O N L I N E


Leah Siegel is a professional musician, writer, actor & healer. Almost five years ago, she intuitively created "Spar Cards, a method of reconciliation” when she found herself at an impasse with her partner of nearly 4 years. He didn’t want to go to therapy, and yet, their ability to have a disagreement without hurting each other, and their inability to have important or hard discussions, was creating real suffering for them both. The surprising development of Spar Cards, put Leah on her own path to deep healing. On the other side of such healing, she realized the true power and alchemy of her creation: self-awareness, extraordinary healing, & real empowerment. She is certified in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Access Bars and is a Reiki Practitioner. Her mission is to teach people how to heal, how to love & how to die well.