Sunday, August 13th -- Heal Your Sleep Cycle

Sunday, August 13th -- Heal Your Sleep Cycle

with Gabrielle Gray 


Sleeping well can be difficult for many people, especially New Yorkers. But it doesn't have to be! In this workshop, we'll work on creating healthy rituals leading up to sleep time from both a practical and spiritual perspective, in order to foster deep rest and rejuvenation.

We'll talk about the biological effects of sleep deprivation on the body, and address how this manifests in our lives. We'll go over how to prevent or limit common disruptors.

You'll leave having concrete action steps to take home and implement over the next few weeks to get back on the path to relaxation. If you struggle to fall asleep, if your circadian rhythm has been disrupted by the essence of New York City, or if you just know deep down that you could feel better -- this workshop is for you.

Attendees are encouraged to bring a pen and paper to map out their sleep strategy.

Exchange: $35

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Gabrielle Gray is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, healer and empath. She is a Yoga Alliance-certified RYT-200 teacher and Reiki healer under the guidance of Denise Munoz, with whom she continues to study breathwork. She has completed a course in Vedic meditation under Light Watkins, and a Reiki mentorship program under Lisa Levine and LaVonne Natasha Caesar. All of these experiences help her connect with students and clients to bring happiness, high vibrations and healthy choices into their daily lives. Her mission is to support people as they tune into their goals and walk with them on the journey of transformation.