Sunday, August 11th -- The Waxing Gibbous Sound Bath

Sunday, August 11th -- The Waxing Gibbous Sound Bath

with Jarrod Byrne Mayer


The waxing gibbous is the last phase of the moon before it is full. This is a time following the waiving crescent, which asks us to refine our intentions to assure. Gibbous, is many terms, means a swelling of light coming into the fullness of the moon.

Ones flexibility in action creates a state of refinement. It asks us to make sacrifice to reap the full benefit of the upcoming moon. This element within our psyche shows us our adaptability.

Maybe at some point in the last few days you have been asked to shift or edit something that you felt firm within, or possibly shift or drop completely.

Bring a journal, we will take a few minutes to write down our vision of how we view and work with change. The sound will be water and air, creating fluid movement within the psyche to accept change. Gongs, tuning forks, guitar, singing bowls, and more will help cultivate this.

Exchange: $40  

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

*Workshop image is the artwork of Camille Chew*

Jarrod Byrne Mayer is part of the duo behind Brooklyn Healing Arts, specializing in modern-archaic healing modalities. The experiences and teachings impart a practical application of the technologies so they can be fully integrated within daily life. Jarrod is a certified sonotherapist, author and sound philosopher. He also teaches Kundalini yoga and incorporates this technology in the practice and experience. He is married to his wife, Melody, and the two have been married for 10 years and reside in Greenpoint with their two cats.