Sunday, August 10th -- Theta Healing Workshop


with Alexis Ware, L.Ac.

In this introductory workshop you will learn more about ThetaHealing, how it is practiced, what it is used for and will experience a 20-30 minute group ThetaHealing session. There will be time for questions and answers after the ThetaHealing demonstration.

Limited space, doors close at 5:15pm


Alexis Ware, L.Ac., MSTCM earned her Master’s degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine and certificate in Asian Body Therapy from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine San Diego in 2009. Alexis is a certified ThetaHealing® practitioner since 2007 and certified instructor since January, 2011. She has taught ThetaHealing certification classes in Vermont, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Ojai, CA and facilitated ThetaHealing workshops at several festivals including Drawing on the Moon and the Magical Mastery School’s Jedi Retreat.
ThetaHealing® is a powerful, newly re-discovered quantum healing modality that traces it roots back to ancient Egypt. ThetaHealing harnesses the power of the theta brain wave to create instant and permanent healing on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. A large part of the ThetaHealing body of work is called the “Belief Work”, or shifting of subconscious belief systems and rewiring of the brain to create new neuronal pathways that allow for a different, and more enjoyable, experience of life. ThetaHealing is also used to heal genetic flaws, awaken sleeping DNA, speak with Guardian Angels and spirits, crystals, plants and animals. ThetaHealing is something that we all used to know how to do and lost touch with over the centuries. In her classes, Alexis teaches everyday people how to reconnect to this lost power and art.