Sunday, April 12th -- Sacred Space

4:30-6:30 pm

with Nicole Cassanova

What is your Sacred Space? It seems that in these increasingly elaborate times we allow ourselves to be defined by so many things. Our job titles, our relationships or lack of relationships, our hobbies, and even our desires can assume so much real estate in our identities. In the midst of our aspects and all of their demands, many of us are finding a need for sanctuary. 
In indigenous shamanic traditions the practice of building altars or carrying medicine bags is employed to meet these demands. While altars are used primarily for rituals, ceremonies, and magical workings, medicine bags are utilized to create harmony within the physical, spiritual, and supernatural inner worlds of an individual. Both rites can be used for empowerment, protection, healing, and manifestation. 
In this two hour workshop we will discover which Sacred Space is most resonant with you. Learn how to dedicate an altar or medicine bag for specific use. Explore invoking the four directions, connecting with planetary archetypes, learning about the Druid sacred language of trees, the power of colors, the purpose of stones, the medicine of animal totems, and the energy of flora, fauna, and Deities. 
$40 in advance | $50 day of
About Nicole Cassanova: My diverse services are intended to guide you toward the highest and most authentic expression of your joy. Whether those seeds are unearthed through energy healing, movement or intuitive instruction, I am grateful to serve in your unique journey by addressing your whole being. My mission is to empower you through gratitude, helping you recognize the value of your personal gifts, reflecting the beauty and validity of your own voice. As a full-time energy worker I offer healing sessions using Reiki, Meditation, Sound Healing, Toning, Shamanism, Angelic Healing, Source Healing, Channeling, and Yoga.