Sunday, April 30th -- Plant Spirit Spring


with Jacqueline Zajdman

Plant spirits exists in all of the plants and herbs that surround our environments, from the street to our teacups. Do you ever wonder what it would be like to tune in and listen to the messages our plants give us through food, drink and medicine? When we work with the plant’s vibration, not only are our immune systems strengthened, nervous systems rebuilt, but our emotional bodies receive the shifts we need to stay bold, connected to our root, grounded and mentally nourished for life’s challenges and opportunities!

Join Herbalist and Creator of As Above Herbals, Jacqueline Zajdman, in this workshop that will show you how to drop into the physical, mental and emotional shifts that plants can bring to support you through the spring season. We will journey and meditate with Stinging Nettle, nourishing herbs and adapogenic roots and mushrooms, while tasting and learning to create electuaries, tinctures, and infusions.


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Jacqueline Zajdman is a designer and creative healer who lives and works in Brooklyn.  A California native, she is currently an apprentice at the Gaia School of Healing in Topanga Canyon, CA. Practicing the Wise Woman Way of healing through plant medicine, ritual and food, she believes tapping into the rhythms of the Earth and listening to your intuition is the key to wellness. Utilizing her unique design aesthetic and DIY philosophy, she has conjured As Above Herbals, a plant medicine line that feeds and integrates the mind, body and spirit.