<Sunday, August  16th 2020>  NEW DATE - Akashic Records Mentoring Session

NEW DATE - Akashic Records Mentoring Session

with Christina Cross
NEW DATE: Sunday, August 16th


Exchange: $60

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Prerequisite: This is an advanced Akashic Records Mentoring class, exclusively for students who are already working with the Pathway Prayer Process© to access the Akashic Records.

Join me in the safe and sacred space of Maha Rose while developing your gifts and abilities when working with the Akashic Records.  Instead of focusing on a single topic, YOUR questions and desires pertaining to working with the Records will dictate how this session unfolds.  We will begin with an open Records meditation to establish a clearer connection with ourselves and our Spiritual Cheerleaders.  Christina will then answer questions, sharing guidance and suggestions based on her 22 years of working with the Records.  From there, you will have opportunity to do individual, partnered and group readings.  Regardless if you are new to the Records of not, the only way to grow in confidence and ability is to practice!!  Being open to the organic way these sessions unfold will be sure to support us all in receiving whatever is going to best serve us individually and collectively at this time!  Bring a notebook and your questions!! As with all Akashic Records classes, please, no recreational drugs or alcohol before class.



Christina Cross is a full time Akashic Records consultant and Advanced Certified Teacher of the Pathway Prayer Process©. After a 13-year career in childcare (work that she loved), Christina began to give Akashic Records Reading on a full time basis. In 1999, Christina began assisting her teacher, Linda Howe, in Akashic Record courses before moving into the position of Assistant Director of Linda's School of Akashic Studies. It was during that time that her desire to teach was born and in 2003 she became a certified teacher of the Pathway Prayer Process (and later Advanced Certified Teacher) offering "certification courses" through early 2017. To date, Christina remains in awe of the loving energy and information that effortlessly pours forth from the Akashic Records and enjoys continued opportunities to share that experience with others via workshops, consultations, and mentoring sessions. Throughout the years, Christina has worked with thousands of students and clients from around the world and cannot imagine life without this wonderful spiritual resource.