<Sunday, April 12th> ONLINE - Past Life Regression: An Inner World Journey

ONLINE - Past Life Regression: An Inner World Journey

with Matt Walczak 
Sunday, April 12th

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Are you feeling stuck? Are you looking for guidance or insight into your present life situations? Are you seeking to move past internal barriers or fears? Are there certain situations or people you’ve had a hard time moving on from? Are you looking for clarity about your own inner workings? Are you looking for a way to connect to your inner-strengths? Are you ready to experience the benefits of exploring past life memories?

Past Life Regression is a wonderful and intuitive way to explore the depths of our inner worlds through guided hypnosis. This workshop will serve as an introduction to a modern take on past life regression and its uses as a form of self-exploration and therapy. More importantly, it will be an opportunity to experience the benefits of this fascinating, healing approach first hand.

The guiding principle of hypnosis is that “all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.” The deeper meaning behind that idea is that the answers, resources and guidance we search for in our conscious state, are already there present or stored within us - it’s only a matter of being able to access these inner treasures. By diving beneath the surface of the conscious mind, and clearing the path for the deeper part of ourselves to speak to us directly, with clarity can give us access to these inner resources.

Past Life Regression is just that - a gateway for the deeper part of ourselves to speak to us in the form of past life memories. Within these memories we can intuitively find lessons, insights, guidance, pathways to healing or opportunities for letting go when relating the experience to our present lives. Throughout our journey together you will often be asked “what is the greater lesson here?” Simply giving way for those answers to come to the surface and subsequently giving yourself an opportunity to enrich your present-day life and positively influence and re-imagine your future.

This workshop is open to anyone with an interest in Past Life Regression. Those with experience, first-timers, seekers and skeptics are all welcome.

The workshop will be broken up into two parts:

Part I will include:
-Short introduction to Past Life Regression and its uses
-Examples of past life experiences of others for context
-Literal vs. Symbolic/Metaphorical interpretation
-A guided relaxation into a state of focused awareness
-Intention Setting
-3-4 guided visual past life experience
-An opportunity to share, interpret and integrate the experience

Part II of the workshop will begin after a short break with another round of regressions and an opportunity for the participants to share their experiences.

    Matt Walczak practices Integrative Hypnosis - a leading approach to hypnotherapy . He is certified by Center for Integrative Hypnosis as well as the International Association for Counselors and Therapists (IACT). Matt has studied under Melissa Tiers, a world-renowned and award winning, author, trainer and hypnotist. Having maintained a decade-long meditation practice, Matt offers a unique approach to hypnotherapy by blending mindfulness, Buddhist philosophy as well as leading modern approaches based in neuroscience. He is a leading and passionate advocate of bringing hypnotherapy to the mainstream as a useful and effective tool in everyday life. Matt also specializes in past life regression, having studied under top individuals in the field. Matt’s practice is based in New York City where he provides hypnotherapy and past life regression for individuals and groups.