Sunday May 10th--31st -- UNSTUCK: Healing the Roots of Negative Emotions

4 Sundays:
with Ralph De La Rosa
Every negative emotion you experience is directly linked to a "core wound," most likely created in childhood, that became a belief. It is possible to resolve these wounds and beliefs entirely. When we do, we clear space for love, connectedness creative flow, and authentic presence. We get unstuck.
This workshop will focus on giving you the inner technology to address core wounds and beliefs. Through scientifically-validated meditation and experiential processes, you will develop emotional and energetic intelligence and a wealth of tools for self-healing anytime, anywhere. 
$100 pre-register before May 3rd | $120 after

Ralph De La Rosa is a Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapist; certified yoga instructor; rogue Buddhist; and meditation provocateur. He is the founder of The Mindfulness Sessions, a weekly class devoted to neuroscience- and psychology-informed techniques for waking up and getting real. Ralph began practicing meditation in 1996 and has taught since 2008.