Thursday, June 25th -- Spellcrafting


with Lyndsey Harrington


Whether you’re a budding witch, or simply feeling curious, it can be difficult to know where and how to begin deepening your relationship to the realm of magic.  This introductory workshop will walk you through the ins and outs of one the most foundational cosmic arts, the art of spell-crafting, in a way that's friendly and approachable, so that you feel more confident taking the next step on your journey as a magical practitioner.

What is a spell?

A spell can be defined as a set of ritualized actions and/or prayers to call upon the divine or cosmic energies for help with something in your life.  Spell-crafting can be a powerful tool for things like manifestation, healing for the mind/body/spirit, finding inner clarity, connecting to guides, releasing unwanted attachments, just to name a few.  To craft a spell is to be reminded of our harmony with nature; to trust in the notion that our thoughts, words, and actions ripple into the world around us.  When we craft a spell we are honoring that connection, and choosing, with care, the intention we would like the universe to hear.

This workshop will cover both the practical and theoretical aspects of spellcrafting in the Modern Wiccan style, including, but not limited to:

  • how spells work

  • incantations + mantras

  • creating a spell vs following a spell

  • the functions of an altar

  • aligning your spell with the stars

  • calling in guides and deities

  • magical tools

  • solitary vs group spells

  • what to do when your spell isn’t working

Please bring your presence, your questions or stories, and any sacred objects you would like to lend to our communal altar.

*This workshop is a space solely for craft of a positive, mindful, and heart-centered nature, with respect for the free will and autonomy of all living beings.  If you have questions about this or anything else before the workshop, please email me at


 $60, $50 early bird

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Lyndsey Harrington is a Brooklyn-based healer, an activist, and a seasoned witch.  She started on her magical path at age fifteen when she was taken under the wing of a medicine woman, who ignited within her a love for the ancient crafts.  Through her experience both solitary and in groups since then, she has discovered many ways in which spells and other earth-based magical practices can be conduit for deep healing and growth.  She has studied with luminaries from various lineages, including Starhawk, Barbara Carrellas, and Lin David Martin.  She is a co-creator of Moon Church, an international spiritual women’s healing collective, and a co-founder + teacher at Maha Rose’s Fairy School.