Maha Rose Center for Healing ~ Brooklyn, NYC
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Sound Healing 101--Thursday, November 20th

Sound Healing 101--Thursday, November 20th

7-8:30 pm
$20 pre-register/ $25 day of
What is "sound healing"?  This term, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in alternative healthcare & holistic well-being, describes the use of sound for therapeutic/restorative/"feel good" effects as well as an expansion of consciousness around sound as an entity that affects us in dynamic, diverse, & multi-dimensional ways. 
This workshop is an opportunity to explore the effects of sound for yourself - to experience 1st hand how sound alone can alter consciousness, calm or stimulate the nervous system, relieve stress, and transform pain perception, among other benefits.  Through a balance of passive & participatory experiences with sound, this workshop presents a number of exercises to implement in your personal practice and provides a context to expand your consciousness using sound.

No music/singing/healing experience necessary.  Come join us!

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Stephanie Rooker is a composer, vocalist, cross-cultural music educator, and sound healing facilitator.  With a background in Ethnomusicology, Stephanie employs a distinctive grasp of the evolution of Afro-Diasporan music, cross-cultural indigenous archetypes, incisive listening, and mindful facilitation to bridge the gap between sacred and secular forms and demonstrate the vast possibilities of broadening cultural awareness and promoting healing through music.  Stephanie is certified as an Integrative Sound & Music Practitioner by the Sound & Music Institute in New York, an organization which she now assists with program coordination. She also completed a 200-hour practitioner certification in Yoga of the Voice, as developed by Silvia Nakkach/Vox Mundi School.  In addition, Stephanie recently founded Voice Journey Sound Center, which offers a diverse array of vocal sound healing workshops, private lessons, training programs, community gatherings and sound healing services for the furthering of musical paths and enrichment of the holistic sonic experience.