Sky Dance Journey * Full Moon * -- Saturday, December 6th

Come Celebrate and  tap into the lunatic energy of the full moon, dance in her glorious twinkling beams of light ! We will sip dream tea till were tipsy, giddy and hearts full of love, then done masks and move until were drunk with delight and insight.

The origin of the dance was copying nature through movement as well as sounds. It was the first and highest way to connect with spirit. Trance Dance is the doorway to the soul. It takes you on an inner journey. You enter the inner aspects of the self and explore the body, mind and spirit connection which is not limited to your normal perceptions of time and space. There are no expectations, once awakened, the inner self knows the steps, as spirit takes over, so anyone can do it. The journey is not in your head or mind, it is a journey of heart awakening & expansion.

$20 pre-register | $25 day of

Ava Gerber​ is committed to living in awareness and using the breath to stay grounded and embodied as the magic​ of this beautiful life unfolds. Her fascination with multi-cultural religious ritual, ceremony and expression has spanned the past two decades, and she sees moving the body as a way to connect to the here now and what needs to be moved through. She has studied African dance and the dance of the diaspora for the past 23​ years, and is a Yoga Alliance certified teacher.​
​She is an ordained Shamanic Minister and a Certified Shamanic Breathwork facilitator.
She has lead numerous yoga retreats, juice fasts, cleanses and Shamanic Journeys.
She utilizes Shamanic Journey​ and Dream Tea Ceremony to bring the hidden self / shame-based self to the surface and integrates us back to whole and blissful beings acting from heart not habit.