Simone Alana Small

Simone Alana Small

Our Director of Corporate Wellness, Diversity, and Inclusion has founded Mbari House for Healing and Spiritual Development. 

With an emphasis on spiritual wellness, Mbari House promotes healing arts and indigenous wisdom traditions to facilitate mental and spiritual well-being. Offerings include astrology, akashic records readings, energy healing, tarot and oracle readings, spiritual direction, online community gatherings and more.

To Book/Contact Simone: 

instagram: @mbarihouse.healing


Simone is a diviner and spiritual wellness practitioner with a gift for reading oracles (I Ching, Metu Neter, Obi, Chamalangos and Owo-Ero). A former international model, Simone chose to prioritize ritual over runways after a series of clairaudient experiences led to her initiation into the mysteries of indigenous African spiritual practices while living in Johannesburg.

After five years in South Africa Simone returned to the Americas to reunite with her family and study the traditions of the women who walked before her. Comfa, the syncretic religion native to Simone’s matrilineal homeland, Guyana, was built on diverse religious nuances of both Western and Eastern traditions. The pantheon and structure of the religion represent the African, Amerindian, Chinese, Portuguese and East Indian ancestors of the Guyanese people and Simone’s matrilineal line.

Inspired by the tradition’s deliberate effort to be as ecumenical as possible, Simone has made part of her life’s work to acquire knowledge of all her ancestral spiritual traditions as well as those of others. She respects and acknowledges all traditions practiced in truth and a genuine effort to progress humanity toward the development of good character and self actualization.

Simone studies Kabbalah with Bnei Baruch, Metaphysics and Mysticism with the Rosicrucian Order AMORC, Kemetic and Taoist philosophy with the Ausar Auset Society and is a practicing Espiritista and Aborisha.