Tuesday, September 23rd – Second Chakra Healing with Grace Vieira


with Grace Vieira, visiting healer from LA

We were all created from sexual energy. By looking into the sexuality and sacral chakra as the source of our energy, we gain complete clarity of the source and the ability to dismantle the mental/emotional blocks that stop you from connecting to your greater Self.

In this guided healing meditation journey, you will be lead to recognize the impact rejection and shame have had on your self acceptance, creativity and relationships.

If it feels like frustration has been your best friend and not self-love, then this is the workshop for you.

Grace Vieira (Graça) is a guide, spiritual mentor and life coach residing in Los Angeles, California. She began her spiritual journey as a child in Algarve, Portugal. Grace has many years of immersion in esoteric studies and ancient mysteries. Her meditation and following of her own inner intuition have led her to connect to powerful healing energies such as those experienced by her mentors: Allan Kardec, Chico Xavier and John of God to name a few. Graces brings the fusion of all spiritual forms of the one through what she calls the Mahatma Energy. Grace has an international clientele and travels to many areas of the planet clearing and connecting vortexes in order to serve the highest possible expression of all.

Grace’s mission is to use her gifts as a healer, teacher, and medium to bring you the clear message of God: Truth. Light. Love.

 View more on her website: connectingwithgrace.com