<SATURDAYS, MAY 16TH- JUNE 6TH> ONLINE – Tarot 101: Your Invitation to Remember

ONLINE – Tarot 101: Your Invitation to Remember

with Cameron Whetstone
Saturdays, May 16th -June 6th
3pm-5pm EST

note: May 16th class will be 3pm-5:30pm

Exchange: $40 drop in | $150 for the course.





Welcome to the Tarot!

If you’re reading this and have an interest in learning more about the Tarot…consider this your invitation.

The Tarot is for us all. No one is excluded.

When we choose to work with the Tarot, we’re invited to remember that we are so much more than we’ve been conditioned to believe. We see the fullness of our human experience expressed through the cards. And we are compassionately guided through the Soul’s journey towards awakening, should we accept the invitation.

Maybe you’ve been curious about the Tarot or felt called to try it...only to be confronted by self doubt and confusion.
If so, this class is for you.

As a survivor of childhood trauma, I came to the Tarot dissociated and fearful.
For years I would buy a deck, try to learn, feel inadequate, quit & repeat this cycle.
I took classes to develop my intuition and left feeling convinced that it was fundamentally blocked.

The Tarot became a space where I could bring all of me. I was invited to acknowledge my trauma and allow it to be included and processed without judgement. I could slowly emerge from dissociation, peeking out from my hiding place and gently allowing myself to feel emotions at a pace that was manageable.

I’ve learned that as we work with the Tarot it gradually becomes a trusted friend and guide.
We learn to move towards the loving, mysterious intelligence that brings forth truth in ways we can digest and work with.
Over time we develop distinct language with our deck, communicating in a shorthand that is completely unique to us.
Our decks become an expression of who we are and how we see life.
And most importantly we learn to trust ourselves again.

It would be my honor to support you on your journey with the Tarot.

I share this work with love and gratitude for my Tarot teacher Lindsay Mack.

Please bring your Tarot deck and a pen & paper


  • Classes are designed to be taken as either drop-in or as a full series.
  • You’ll receive a digital handout each week by email with class information, journal prompts & guidance for personal practice in between sessions.
  • For this class you’ll want to have a Tarot deck & a journal.
  • I’ll be using the Smith Rider Waite deck for teaching.

Week 1: Tuning In
Opening to our Intuition
Befriending our Decks
The Major Arcana

Week 2: Thinking & Feeling
The Swords / Minding the Mind
The Cups / Trusting our Intuition

Week 3: Blazing our Trail
The Wands / Fanning our Inner Flame
The Pentacles / Getting Grounded

Week 4: The Elevated Elements
The Court Cards / Pages. Knights. Queens. Kings.
Reading for Others
Energetic Boundaries + Ethics

Cameron is an intuitive Tarot reader and Reiki Master. She finds herself rooted in a space between the esoteric and the pragmatic. As a survivor of childhood trauma and C-PTSD, Cameron understands the ways in which trauma can affect us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Her personal process of healing allows her to bring compassion and love to her practice. Cameron’s readings remind us that our power exists in the present moment. We are given the opportunity to reconsider old beliefs and approach life’s uncertainties with an inner resolve. In working with the energies of the cards, we increase our capacity to receive the messages our soul’s are awaiting. Tarot has a beautiful way of clarifying our perceptions to make way for a deeper truth. Trauma can cause us to forget who we are. Tarot helps us to remember. Cameron is honored to share her offerings to those who feel aligned. She is filled with gratitude for her teachers Lindsay Mack and Lisa Levine.