Saturdays February 9th, March 23rd & May 4th -- YONI: A Metaphysical Celebration of Life’s Cycles

Saturdays February 9th, March 23rd & May 4th -- YONI: A Metaphysical Celebration of Life’s Cycles

with The Brujas of Brooklyn


YONI: A Metaphysical Celebration of Life’s Cycles.

Yoni is a 3-part series designed to celebrate the seasons in nature and our lives. The Northern Hemisphere is moving closer to the sun, and thus into more active phases of nature. Yoni honors and celebrates different aspects of solar energy for the power it provides. Each ritual engages with different phases of our relationship to the sun, and to creativity in general. As children of the sun, the series helps each person increase personal vitality and focus. By activating Yoni, or womb power, we learn to become true co-creators in our lives.

Our connection to nature’s cycles is important to living a balanced existence. This is especially true with regards to the creative/destructive cycles of life. Channeling sexual energy, via Kundalini yoga, will allow us to tap into our Yoni power and help us connect to different aspects of these cycles. Come move, sweat, and even cry. Guided meditation, twerking and hands-on crafts will help to honor different seasons in our lives. Yes, we said twerking! In the end, participants will leave feeling empowered about using Yoni Power to transform their lives.

The series begins on Saturday February 9th with a celebration of Imbolc. Imbolc is a midwinter commemoration of crossroads and a reversal of the darkness as spring slowly approaches. On March 23rd, Ostara follows as we honor the balance of light and dark via the Spring Equinox. The series closes on May 4th with Beltane, when the sun’s energy is at its peak and ripe for manifestation. We’ll dance, sing, and celebrate a new cycle around the sun.

Saturday 2/9 Imbolc: Celebrating the Winters in our Lives

Imbolc, or EE-molc, is an ancient fertility celebration that goes by many names. It’s a time when the Shakti/sexual energy, or Kundalini is stirred from its slumber. The Goddess’ energy helps us embrace our shadows and pray for complete transformation. Kali, Nut and Oya’s fierce maternal energy provide guidance on how to use destruction towards positive transformation. The Brujas of Brooklyn believe that language holds significant power. Thus, instead of the “dead of winter” we like to refer to this phase as “the life of winter”. We are being asked to die to the old and step into the new. Ritualistically, we’ll learn how to celebrate and begin to release unnecessary parts of our pasts (or the winters in our lives) in ways that are vital to our well-being. Movement, via Kundalini yoga and twerking, will help us release pent up energy and face all of ourselves, with no shame or fear. Participants are asked to please wear any articles of clothing that are white, orange and/or red.

Saturday 3/23 Ostara: Spring Equinox Ritual

Join the Brujas of Brooklyn as we host Ostara, a ritual for the Spring or Vernal Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere. Hibernation is over. The earth has thawed and is fertile. Isis, Hecate and Freya’s energies teach us how to create new versions of ourselves, without the shadows of the past. The earth is fertile ground for creativity. Kundalini, or Shakti energy, is positively exploding. Join us as we use the technologies of Kundalini yoga and movement to activate Yoni, or womb power to help tap into that Shakti energy. Craft-making will help us reconnect to a sense of child-like wonder that is ripe during this season. Participants are asked to please wear any articles of clothing that are green, yellow and/or purple.

Saturday 5/4 Beltane: Sacred Sensuality

Beltane is a considered the beginning of summer in earth-based traditions. It is the celebration of the sacred union between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine. It is a time of great fertility. The earth is alive and in full bloom in the Northern Hemisphere. We are also ripe and ready to co-create projects, habits and/or relationships in our lives. The moon energies of Xochiquetzal, Atabex and Artemis help to balance out the intense solar energies as summer approaches. A scared ritual will help participants release shame and guilt and rejoice in our sacred sexuality. Via the ritual, we’ll learn that the treasure of our Yonis is precious and powerful. A potion-making workshop will help us tap into the sensual energies that the coming season has to offer. Participants are asked to please wear all white.

Note: The workshops are intended for women-identified beings only

Exchange: $125 for the series or $45 drop-in

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Brujas of Brooklyn are Afro-Dominican identical twins, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. They believe in the power of Spirit to cast spells that aid in collective healing. Their craft is specifically dedicated to womb-healing; they do so by creating safe spaces for women to share, grow and release generations of pent up trauma. Brujas of Brooklyn do more than help women heal from a heartbreak or financial distress. They are healing generational traumas, which women often hold in wombs, or yonis. They are Brujas, Witches, practical magic Makers. The work that they do is inspired by the 7th generation principle among Native Americans in the United States: the healing that takes place today will help to heal 7 generations before us and 7 generations after us. This is their wish. Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon (Dr. G.) is one half of Brujas of Brooklyn. She is a professor, doula and Kundalini yogi. She earned a PhD in Sociology with an emphasis on Gender Studies from Syracuse University. Dr. G. teaches courses related to Racism and Birthing (In) Justice in the US. She is a published author and Board member for the IMAGE Initiative, dedicated to empowering young women of color. The home-birth of her sun Talib changed her life forever. Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez is unapologetic critic of Gentrification with 8 years of teaching experience as an Urban Studies professor at LaGuardia Community College. She holds a PhD in Public Policy from Rutgers University; her dissertation was a critical ethnographic study on the Gentrification in Washington Heights and its effects on 2nd generation Dominicans. Dr. Rodriguez thanks her Saturn’s Return for shaping her life as a Yoni priestess. Womb wellness is her life’s work.