Saturday, September 29th -- Intention Ring Ceremony


with Shannon " SpicyShakti" Dyson, HHP, INHC

We often forget to connect to ourselves, practice self-care and do the soul work we need to do in order to grow and be our best selves. This is an opportunity to fully commit to your healing and transformational growth. Setting an intention can provide you with guidance and clarity on your life goals. I will be holding a sacred ceremonial space for those who are interested in stepping into the next stage in their life and fully capturing the power within.

In this workshop, we will hold a sacred ceremony dedicated to ourselves and our healing soul work. We will craft intentions, unblock with movement, release with breath work, channel with sound healing and set the pathways for the next chapter of our lives.

Intention rings serve as a commitment to your intention. To remind yourself to be patient with your process and do the soul work you have opened yourself to do. Rings are symbols of cycles, commitments and can be very powerful when your intention is locked in.

During our Intention Ring Ceremony, you will be guided through meditations, sound healing, cleansing, movement, and connectivity community exercises to encourage healthy energy, alignment, and connection to your ring.

Participants may contribute to our sacred ceremonial altar.

This ceremonial workshop has been cultivated to promote a healthy movement of energy and remove blockages so we may breakthrough to the other side and commit to ourselves, healing and self care.

At the end of our ceremony, each person will walk away with an Intention Ring that has been specifically tuned with their personal intentions, energy from our sound healing and altar offerings.

*A Copper Healing Ring is included in the price. Participants may also use any ring that holds significance to them. Please bring a ring if you do not wish you to choose from the rings provided.

Exchange $66 

S I G N . U P . O N L I N E 

Shannon is a Food lovin’ crystal rockin’ booty shakin’ healthy eatin’ universe embracin’ Holistic Health Practioner and Integrative Nutritional Health Coach. Shannon's primary focuses are healing health ailments holistically, using food as medicine and practicing self-care. SpicyShakti serves as her healing alter ego and opens the pathway to integrate Sacred Movement, Nutrition and other healing modalities like breathwork, partner building and healing touch into her practices to encourage the healing process. Shannon has been a featured writer on MindBodyGreen and The Mighty and uses her platform to connect and help others on their healing journey.