<Sat, Sept 14th/> Embrace Yourself: An Introduction to EFT

Embrace Yourself: An Introduction to EFT

Saturday, September 14th
with Carrie Flemming

Exchange: $70

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E

Emotional Freedom Technique (often referred to as tapping) is a self-soothing tool that engages the body, mind, and heart. The Basic Recipe is the foundational structure of EFT and has three parts: tapping on acupuncture points, giving voice to a specific challenge, and holding yourself with compassion. In this workshop, Carrie will teach you to use EFT to reduce overwhelm, worry, fear, and critical thoughts.

The EFT process can support you to ease tension and stress around your experience, often softening resistance and increasing clarity. This simple and potent practice allows you to face difficult feelings and challenging experiences with greater confidence as you practice accepting yourself exactly as you are. Folks often report feeling more at ease, present, grounded, and connected to themselves after the EFT process.

Carrie will teach you The Basic Recipe. She will guide you through detailed instruction, group practice, and individual demonstrations. You will leave with a foundation for using EFT as a daily practice and to address specific challenges along with resources for further exploration.

Carrie is a holistic practitioner holding a warm and compassionate space for folks to know themselves more fully. Carrie guides individuals and groups to slow down and self-soothe so they can draw on their own natural gifts and inner resources. The heart of her work is helping people stay with, accept, and trust themselves. Carrie’s education includes a master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and a master’s degree in Women’s Spirituality. She is certified in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique. Carrie uses she/her pronouns. She brings an anti-oppression, trauma-informed lens to her work. Learn more about her offerings at www.carrieflemming.com.