<Saturday, November 2nd, 2019> I Hope You Dance: Ways to Nurture Mother and Daughter Relationships

I Hope You Dance: Ways to Nurture Mother and Daughter Relationships

with BeBe Boykin and Andrija Dandridge
Saturday, November 2nd

Exchange: $40


We, moms and daughters, have the same goal for each other…To live a full, healthy, and happy life. Join us for an engaging workshop focusing on communication and how effective or ineffectively it impacts our sacred union.

Learn basic skills to help moms and daughters find a healthier relationship and resources to fully enjoy their journey of life together.

  • Journaling
  • Mother & Daughter DIY Book of Intentions (light Scrap booking/Journal)
  • Intention Setting & Affirmations
  • Relationship Skill Building Session

Zen Atmosphere includes:

  • Smudge Session
  • Guided Meditation
  • Aromatherapy Oil Blessing
  • Reiki Energy Treatment

Mothers or caregivers are encouraged to join their adult daughters for this workshop, but anyone can attend alone. We will be conducting skill building activities that can improve any relationship.

***Bring blank journal to share with mom or daughter

BeBe Boykin is a full time Clinical Wellness Practitioner. She first answered the call to help others by fulfilling a career in Behavioral Health nursing and a leadership role in a women’s ministry for over a decade. Then a tug at her heart strings to further help others on a deeper level, ignited a spark of her earlier hippie roots in spirituality. She longed to blend her Intuitive gifts and years of mental health counseling to help others reach a higher understanding of self and the divine plan for their lives. She accomplished this by becoming a Shamanic Reiki healer, touching peoples lives who were struggling with ailments of the heart, mind and soul. Throughout the years, BeBe has worked with countless souls providing ritual services, healing oil blessings, house cleansings and spiritual baths, helping them find a peaceful existence for their hearts, homes and office space.

With her sun and rising planets in Venus, Andrija is lovingly known as The Venusian Oracle. She’s uses her intuitive savvy flow, combined with years of experience and training, to integrate Tarot, Chakras, Crystals and Reiki to help people find tools to navigate through their own healing journey. As a certified Yoga instructor and Thai Bodywork practitioner, she also taps into the movement of the body and uses a deeply spiritual touch to push the mind, body and spirit to a higher level of consciousness. In this life, Andrija’s mission is to connect as many people as she can to their soul’s purpose, while staying dedicated to her own.