<Saturday, May 9th, 2020> ONLINE – Akashic Light Bath

ONLINE – Akashic Light Bath

with Jósa Goodlife
Saturday, May 9th
11am-12:30pm EST

Exchange: $33 





By enhancing our light bodies we not only build up our own immunity and inner joy, we also amplify an uplifting attitude
- contributing to all life around us. That is your invitation.
To come and fill up your light tank.
Allowing yourself to soak in to the ‘ Akashic Light Bath ’, filled with rainbow bubbles and nurturing star energies.
It is purely amazing what is possible in this field!

In this 90 min gathering we will tune into the highest light frequencies available.
Jósa will start by opening up the Akashic Records and from there guide us into a healing meditation.
The Akashic Super Powers are so fun to play with and they make sure to take care of the ‘ whole group ’
and lead us into a place where the collective spirit is taken well care of.

We never know what will happen in these sessions.
There is no script.

The only thing you have to prepare is:
making sure you can be in a still place without distractions, by yourself (pets are always welcome!)
and be willing to receive… and let go…
- to shut down your logical mind, and be open to new possibilities.

Those of you who practice reiki and other healing modalities are invited to open up remotely.
Or you can merely receive.

By the end of our session we will open up the space for gentle sharing.
Its a free forum and you don’t have to share. Only if it feels right.

We are all bodies of the Earth.
In her readings and sessions Jósa has had clear messages around how our mama
Earth is changing and resetting - which is WHY we were all asked to ‘ come home ‘.
You can see Jósa´s latest collective reading here:


Please know that Akashic readings are different from the Akashic Healing.
Readings are usually faster. The Healing Light Bath is an offering to slow down…

We can truly create magic and beauty on this planet!
We are already doing it.
Let’s embrace it - together…

Jósa has studied the Akashic Records in the lineage from Linda Howe.
To know more, go to:

More about Jósa Goodlife

Testimonial from Akashic Light Healing group:

Thank you so so much for that light activation Jósa! I feel you activated my spiritual abilities more deeper.
I noticed when I did remote reiki this week. It was so powerful. I can connect, and feel that person more deeply:)
I feel like I got new magic! Thank you so much and I definitely will join for next time!
* Mariko Tamegai


Jósa Goodlife works as an Energy Healer, Empowerment Coach and an Artist. Currently located in Brooklyn, NY – still dearly connected with her origins from Iceland and Scandinavia where she travels frequently. Through her work, Jósa serves her clients with Access Bars® sessions, Akashic Records readings, Yoga, reiki and other healing body processes. She uses the tools of Access Consciousness® in her sessions along with her guided intuition.

Everyday miracles, magic and joy of living are her favourite places to be today - as well as having tons of fun through artistic creations and playing with her four-legged wonder, Dottie Moon the dog.

You can see more about Jósa Goodlife on