Saturday, May 31st – Reiki Restorative


with Adriana Rizzolo & Luke Simon

live music by The Widow of Culloden (Liza Beth Paap)

Allow yourself to melt into long holds of supported yoga poses to calm your body and mind.

Once your set up in the poses, Luke and Adriana will be giving you personal reiki treatments. 

Reiki is a form of energy healing that, when administered, works to promote the health of the body, mind, and spirit, clearing through blockages and negativity that may be keeping us from being our highest, brightest selves.

Taking care of yourself never felt so good.

Liza Beth Paap will be providing the healing soundscape for this session on Violin and loop pedals.

Adriana Rizzolo has been (and is) in a deep process of transformation through yoga, healing anxiety and addiction.  She has been training with spiritual leader and meditation teacher David Harshada Wagner for the past three years.  One of her main purposes in life is to help others connect to their own self worth and to the power of their soul. She trains others to build and strengthen their relationship with spirit and to know the inner beauty that they possess.
Luke Simon is originally from New Mexico, he emphasizes the importance of living in harmony with nature. Luke seeks to tap you into your power to change and uplift yourself. Luke is a founding member of Maha Rose and is happy to help New York re-awaken to their spiritual nature and inner joy.