Saturday, May 23rd— Potions

with Nicole Casanova

So maybe The Craft was a movie but THE CRAFT is real. Whether or not we are consciously aware of it, we walk through our daily life casting spells and blessing or cursing so many of the people, places, or experiences that we come into contact with. We bathe ourself in rituals from the colors we decide to wear, to the scents we anoint ourselves with, to the music we listen to on our commute to work, or even that thing we say (or don't) when someone sneezes.

Did you know that you can alchemize the innate intelligence you walk through life with into crafting your own potions? As our lives change, so too do our needs. Looking for creative inspiration? Try blending some citrine with poppy in Almond Oil and working with deities like Lakshmi, Saraswati, or Ganesh.

During this two hour workshop you will:
  • learn how to declare space for Potion Making
  • learn how to connect and blend your energy with each ingredient
  • declare your intention for your potion
  • invoke divine help to seal your magickal work
  • and both witness and participate in Potion Making

Each participant will blend a Fallen in (Self) Love Potion made with essential oils, crystals, herbs, flowers and invocation. Please bring a notebook!

Custom Potions are also available.

Cost: $75 in advance/ $85 the day of

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