Saturday, May 20th -- Paint Your Wildest Dreams


with Kori Burkholder 

Where your WILDEST DREAM is the STAR of YOUR day.

You'll love this if you:

-Have a dream burning inside, but never have time or energy for it
-Struggle to figure out 'what's next' in life/career
-Need clarity, focus and action around an already existing dream
-To be surrounded by other dreamers and do'ers
-Have the desire to dig into your creativity in a new way 

 Artist and Career Fulfillment Coach, Kori Burkholder will lead you on a fun, interactive workshop where your dream is the STAR of your day.  We'll tap into your creativity as a tool for inner exploration, get clear on what you really want, identify and remove self doubts and get you moving with an inspired action plan.


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Kori Burkholder
is a certified professional Career Transition Coach, artist and facilitator of Self-Discovery Creative workshops.  Kori’s speciality is working with professionals who want to transition out of an uninspiring career and into a new direction that fires them up. Kori’s background spans 20 years in the entertainment industry including TV/movie production, music, digital product marketing, ad tech and more and has much success while transitioning careers. As a workshop leader, she’s been bringing groups of people together to explore their inner artist since 2012, helping each person take away some self-awareness, personal insight and joy.