Saturday, May 16th -- Spiritual Seance

with Calise Simone
On the night of Saturday, May 16th Psychic Medium Calise Simone will be conducting a Spiritual Seance.  
In this unique circle, you will have opportunity to connect to your loved ones in the spirit world, develop your psychic abilities and receive personalized healing messages. 
Calise will guide the group through a meditation to raise the vibration of the circle and allow for this special interaction with the spirit world.  Once a connection with the spirit world has been established, Calise will share messages from the spirit world with attendees in the circle.  Once the messages have been shared, Calise will close the energy of the circle with a brief meditation and prayer of thanks.  All attendees will receive a message and experience the loving healing energy of Spirit interaction.  
Sitting in a spiritual seance of this nature will allow those who are interested in developing their intuitive abilities a chance to grow and develop in a nurturing environment. 
Seating is limited to 10 people.  All levels welcome.