Saturday, May 12th-- Healing Mother's Day

Saturday, May 12th-- Healing Mother's Day

with Diana Stahl and Robyn Olds


Is Mother’s Day hard for you?

Often the complex feelings of this day are not acknowledged and might be lost through it’s commercialization.

We are holding creative, healing space for those of us who might be feeling a lot and still want to acknowledge the power of Mother (whatever that means to you) on this day.

We’re holding space for the grief, frustration, joy, discomfort and healing — all feelings are welcome.

In this workshop we will be calling on the archetype of the great Mother as an innate inner resource that we all possess.

We will explore the ancient roots of this day, build a group altar, make art, journal, and receive a Reiki healing. Asking, how do we feel nourished together on this day?

Lead by art therapist Robyn Olds and writer/healer Diana Stahl to use the momentum of the day to focus to heal. Robyn and Diana are friends who’ve bonded over Reiki and a loving mutual difficulty with Mother’s Day. :)

Please wear something that makes you feel creative.

Please bring an item for our Mother themed altar. It may be an image of your mother, a Grandmother, a maternal presence for you. It also might be a shell from Mother Ocean, a pomegranate, some yarn or a can of your Mom’s favorite soda. It can be personal or it can be universal. Whatever feels right for you and what you’d like to honor, release or admit on this day.

You will leave feeling connected with a community, heard, honored and creative.

Exchange: $40

S I G N  U P  O N L I N E 

Robyn Olds, MPS, LCAT is a New York State Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Advanced Reiki Practitioner. She received her master's degree in Creative Arts Therapy and Creativity Development at Pratt Institute and her advanced Reiki training at Maha Rose Center for Healing in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She has been combining both of these modalities in monthly Reiki/Art groups devoted to exploring the healing potential of visual Intuition and image making in Reiki treatment. She also leads I Ching art groups exploring synchronicity and archetypal patterns.

Diana Stahl is a writer, healer and mystic. Her plays have been developed Off-Broadway and she has harvested Tulsi fields at Amritapuri. Using Reiki, the Records, writing, play and lifelong meditation experience as paths to liberation. She believes deeply in ritual, community, laughter and the magic of joy and the uncomfortable.