Saturday, March 4th -- Awakening Free Will Consciousness


with Elizabeth Traina


Free will sovereign activation is obtained when we recognize, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually that we are the total creator of our reality, and as creators, we have sole responsibility for self. Sovereign alignment is a process of attuning to compassionate discernment and willingness to claim one's free-will through active overrides of systems and beliefs of domination and control within self and the collective. By cultivating compassionate discernment one naturally births authentic integrity, confidence and is the foundation for our unique lightwork to be expressed as gifts in service to the collective. This deep self-commitment rooted in authentic love, contributes to the tipping point of awakening unity consciousness on planet earth, I am the light, the light I am, as are you.


I will gently guide you, in a safe and sacred manner, to relax and bypass the mental mind and ego to enter a dynamic, hypnotic journey for inner exploration. In trance states, we can assist parts of self in need of love and connection. Additionally, we can create union with the deep and powerful multidimensional self to activate parts that have inner knowing and wisdom. Each journey is unique, powerful and healing. Following your trance, materials will be set up to capture insights in a peaceful session of mandala making. The artwork you create will be a touchstone of your journey.

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Elizabeth Traina is a working artist, award winning muralist, lightworker and workshop facilitator. Elizabeth works with individuals, groups and spaces offering her gifts motivated by guiding principals that enable consciousness awakening and sovereign activation. From early on, Elizabeth's career was rooted in a civic-engaged public practice, utilizing art as a vehicle to support movements for social change. In 2009, Elizabeth created her Art & Consciousness Curriculum, integrating spiritual development into her innovative community building workshops and trainings. She has contributed to programs in the San Francisco Bay Area, New Orleans, Brooklyn, NYC as well as engaging audiences aboard. Elizabeth's education extends beyond her formal art and education training in New York, Vermont and Italy. During the past fifteen years, she has worked closely with master healers to become a certified Reiki Healer and Hypnotherapist trained with Paul Aurand Transpersonal and Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy. Currently, Elizabeth resides in Brooklyn, NY where she holds a private healing practice, working with clients and groups. Additionally, Elizabeth maintains an active studio art practice where she explores themes relative to personal and collective spiritual awakening. Her paintings, murals and multimedia installations serve as instruments for discovery and renewal. 
instagram: eliztraina