Saturday, March 19th -- Collage with Caris: Night Vision


with Caris Reid 

Artist and Reiki Master Caris Reid will lead you in a soothing and inspiring guided mediation that will explore themes of seeing in the dark and acknowledging and confronting the shadow as well as connecting to your inner vision and light. Through collage and meditation the workshop will provide an outlet for the stresses in your lives and bring you into a space of healing and creativity.  This will be followed by powerful intention setting and collaging.  The act of collaging is highly intuitive, and a wonderful way to get into the flow creatively. During the collage portion of the evening, you will find a rich selection of imagery carefully curated from vintage books and magazines.

$65 pre register | $75 day of 

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Caris Reid is a painter and Reiki master based in Brooklyn, New York.  She has exhibited her work extensively,  including shows at Leo Koenig Projekte, Sargent's Daughters  and Longhouse Projects. In addition to exhibiting her work, she has taught collage and healing based workshops in New York and Los Angeles for over 4 years. She uses collage and creative visualization as a means to connect to the subconscious and foster an atmosphere of creativity and healing. Her workshops have been written about in Vogue Japan, Bullett Media, and Refinery 29.