Sunday, June 4th -- Awakening The Heart : Meditation & Movement for Women


with Caitlin Gill

Awakening the Heart uses an array of movement improvisational techniques and practices, guided meditations and dharma art to begin to listen to the innate impulses of our bodies and start a dialogue with our deeper, authentic selves. It encourages us to develop, deep listening, authentic witnessing, compassion with our inner selves and with other. Within the work, we access the deeper aspects of our true nature and start the journey of inherently trusting our intuitive sense. This sense of trust not only manifests within the practice, but also permeates throughout the rest of our lives. This kind of attention to the body changes the way we habitually think and respond.  

The beauty of this practice is that it can be practiced by anyone with a willingness to show up and be present. There's no need to be a "dancer" or an "artist" or etc. By simply showing up and being present, so much work has already been done.

We can all participate in this way. I offer this as a sacred space for any self-identifying woman to attend. I begin each group by creating an altar and circle to connect us to one another and to our unique women's spiritual history.

I encourage each participant to bring something for the altar, if so called, and to wear comfortable clothing to move in. 

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Caitlin M. Gill's passion is to give women a safe, sacred place to access their authenticity through guided meditation, movement, creativity, and spirituality-based life coaching. In 2010, she received her BFA in Performance from Naropa University where she trained in Contemplative Dance Practice, Dharma Art, Mary Overlie's Viewpoints practice, non-violent communication, and improvisational ensemble movement. She was introduced to Chogyam Trungpa's teachings of Sacred Warriorship and Crazy Wisdom and took her Buddhist Refuge Vows with Dharma Ocean in the winter of 2012. Her journey has been endlessly deepened through the experience of grief and Dark Night of the Souls, finding her inner clown, and in her performance art work. In 2017, she earned her M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology where she focused her education on Creativity & Innovation, Transformational Life Coaching, and Women's Spirituality. She found intersectionality in them as she explored her own inner process through body and energy awareness, sacred play, shadow work, Natalie Rogers' Creative Connection, and psychosynthesis.